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Build your first real-time web application with MeteorJS

Meteor is easy to learn. Build real-time applications in a fraction of the time. You will be surprised how easy it is. - Free Course


Featured on: Aug 1, 2018

  • Understand the basics of Meteor.
  • Build your own real-time web application and share it with the whole world..
  • Advanced tips & tricks for building Meteor applications.
  • You will learn how easy it is to build real-time applications (eg. chat) with MeteorJS. And you will build your own chat application which you can share with the world. You will practice. A lot. You will create a part of your application almost in every lesson. Maybe you have some experience with web development, maybe you don't. Meteor is easy to learn for everyone. Because it's JavaScript everywhere (client & server). You can even build mobile applications with Meteor. If you know JavaScript, you will learn Meteor easily.


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