Beginners Guide to Swift Programming in 2023

Beginners Guide to Swift Programming in 2023

As somebody who got caught with this headline, you are probably willing to start your programming with Swift. But how much do you know about this compiled language. Before working with any coding language you need to know what a specific one is about, right?

We are going to help you get a better insight into one of the most popular scripting languages and eventually encourage you to make a smart decision regarding the tech stack for your new app. Without further ado let’s get started.

What is Swift?

Swift is Apple’s next-generation programming language that is built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns. Since its very beginning, the major goal of Swift is to leave errors that you might directly make when writing a code. Swift indicates all of them, so you can avoid having a disastrous crash of a newly built app right away:

  • Memory is automatically managed
  • Entire classes of unsafe code are eliminated
  • The use of a nil object with a compile-time error is prevented

So, basically, as a developer, you will automatically tie your career to apple once you begin to use this language in your programming. And as Apple has undeniably been a successful corporation so far, it is a very safe bet to do with Swift. If you just open the door of coding, it is a good starter. In 2017 Swift was ranked as the 14th most favorable programming language by  StackOverflow.

But besides its safety, this language is also known for being fast and powerful. From its earliest conception, Swift was meant to provide object-oriented features such as classes, protocols, and generics that can help new developers achieve extra performance and power they demand. Thus, it is no wonder, Swift is chosen by many students or educators aiming to explore new study opportunities or career paths. If you are one of those, let our guide help you start.

What do I get from Swift?


Swift does not require knowing how to write or read simplified grammar and syntax if we compare it to Objective-C. Thus, it gathers a very short and easily understandable set of code that will not demand any manual effort or daunting time spent on it.


This well-functioning language allows you to optimize the Swift code with improved performance. Moreover, you can speed up the development process through taking advantage of cross-device codebase share and reuse, as well as compatible Objective-C elements for different projects.


As the name speaks for itself, swift is designed to be very operative and strong. Apple and IBM support inextricably interlink Swift with active open source communities, which enables programmers to script at their best.

Ultimate step-by-step guidelines:

Begin the Swift journey with apple doc

For the best programming experience, Apple has created a documented “Tour” for Swift. The best swift tutorials is also useful to learn into the depth. It gives you more insights into what Swift is and how to use it. You can learn about the various syntax needed for coding different tasks, gain more confidence in the basic topics of app development that everyone should know, and simply have fun.

It is hard to deploy anything without being primarily introduced to the specificity and details. Thus, if you want to emerge into the world of coding, this tour will give you all the essential information to make the best use of Swift. Moreover, if you don’t understand something, a more comprehensive approach to Swift programming is described in the book.

Go through Swift UI tutorials

Obviously, you need to start with basic UI elements like labels, text fields, buttons, and many more. The best way to do so is through adaptive swiftUI tutorials that can enlighten your developer’s brain in just 5 hours. You can begin with Swift essentials. For example, get to grips with data flows, different navigations, views composition, etc. Then, discover more about shapes and paths needed to create or animate transitions between views. Finally, build a user-friendly interface with different structures and layouts.

And as soon as you are aware of how to start developing for Apple cutting-edge technology of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, it is time to gather all knowledge. Test yourself at “Playground” and see the results immediately.

Learn three primary collection types

Writing good code means writing a code that can be understood by other programmers, be broken down into smaller, pure functions, and anyhow modified in the future. Luckily, Swift assists you in all of this by providing three primary collection types, known as arrays, sets, and dictionaries, for storing collections of unique key-value associations.

As we already know, Swift is a type-safe language, which means that you can insert values and store them without typing anything by mistake. Catching and fixing errors as early as possible in the development process let you be more confident in the collection of ordered or unordered values.

Study the code conventions with Google

Knowing proper guidelines for Swift coding can contribute to programming productivity a lot. So, if you want to be as productive as possible in your career, you should consider Google Style Guides for your next project. Programming practices will shed the light on all the aspects required for developing a mobile application or a web-oriented application.

But, let’s imagine you are not even a beginner. These guidelines will mean nothing and building an app will become a real catastrophe.  In this case, you can always seek help from a software development company like VironIT. The Swift code style impresses with its comprehensiveness and ease of use. It is just up to you how you would want business software solutions to be found.


To sum up, Swift is a predominant coding language that continuously outperforms the old-fashioned Objective-C. It offers an innovative brand-new way of creating IOS apps. Therefore, if you are a business owner or app developer who needs to find a cross-platform solution for a new product, you should stop hesitating and instead start learning Swift today.

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