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Arduino Programming, from novice to ninja

Learn to program an object using basic electronics and Arduino, and see that anyone can become a maker!

Fundamentals of Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift

Learn practical techniques for creating and deploying containers on a Kubernetes cluster using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

How Virtual Reality Works

Learn how virtual reality technology works by writing simple VR programs with WebVR.

Advanced C++

advanced dive into some of the more complex topics of C++ software development.

AngularJS: Advanced Framework Techniques

Take your Angular programming skills to the next level as you learn about the full range of advanced features available for programming in Angular.

Programming with R for Data Science

Learn the fundamentals of programming with R for data science.

Introduction to Node.js

The ultimate beginner guide to creating web applications using Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

A thorough introduction to cutting-edge technologies applied to Natural Language Processing.

Asynchronous Programming in C# and .NET Core

Learn best practices of Asynchronous programming as you work through real-world applications and common use cases of this programming style.

Android Developer Capstone Project: Building a Successful Android App

Demonstrate and implement the knowledge and skills acquired in the Android Developer MicroMasters Program, and prepare for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam.